Specialists in Legionella Risk Assessment and Indoor Air Quality Testing, Essex, London, UK

With legislation and litigation becoming increasingly demanding and building occupants increasing their understanding of the indoor environment, it is vital that data is collected and interpreted correctly to ensure that building systems meet the requirements of current guidelines.

Envirocheck (UK) Limited has the specialised technical knowledge based on over fifteen years experience to monitor and evaluate the quality and management of the water and air in your building and also to make recommendations to ensure your environment meets the latest standards.

Our indoor air quality testing service checks that building occupants are being supplied with a sufficient quantity of suitable fresh air. Inadequate supplies of fresh air or poor indoor air quality can cause symptoms commonly referred to as Sick Building Syndrome. See our Air page for more information on our indoor air quality testing service.

The water systems in your workplace need to go through a legionella risk assessment at least every two years. Our service looks at both the physical water systems and their management to ensure compliance with The Approved Code of Practice. See our water page for more information regarding the legionella risk assessment service.